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Polaroid pictures!

There is definitely something special about it that makes us love it so much.

But before we continue, it is worth noting right now that there is a difference between Polaroid images from a real Polaroid camera and Polaroid magnets for events.

So what is a Polaroid camera?

A Polaroid camera is a camera that prints the image taken immediately after shooting.

Inside the camera itself, a photo film is inserted that looks like a square 'cassette' that contains 10 Polaroid images.

Who is it for?

My recommendation is to order Polaroid photos for small private events or corporate events.

If you want, you can combine a package that includes both regular magnet photography and Polaroid photography.

The advantage of Polaroid magnets over real Polaroid images

To be most honest with you,

I will tell you that in my opinion Polarid style magnets will be more suitable for private events.

And the reason? When shooting for Polaroid magnets,

You then receive all the files digitally.

This means that beyond the gift that the guests receive,

You will get good photos from your event!

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