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As a professional stills photographer, it is very important to me to give added value when I shoot magnets so I invest a lot so that you get a professional and quality photo from your event.

I really like to capture special moments, to 'capture' spontaneous moments without being noticed.

The idea is not to just make 'event magnets' but to really give a professional and invested photo.

What is the size of the magnets that can be printed?

There are 2 main sizes for event magnets.

The common and standard size is a 'standard' magnet measuring 7.5X10 cm, 3X4 inch.

The second size - also called a Polaroid style magnet - is 10X12 cm, 4X5 inch.

By the way, it is important to note that the print quality is the same, but the size of the magnet (Polaroid) changes the price.

Give your guests more than memories - magnets for events in thermal printing witch will save the quality magnets for long years


It is important to remember that the magnet photographer is a photographer for all intents and purposes,

That is why we will photograph the magnets at your event using professional photography equipment

Which provides sharp, colorful, and quality images and from there the images will be transferred for editing + framing

Finally, we will print using a high-quality thermal printer

Which will take care of removing any magnet and magnet quickly efficiently and at the highest quality and of course durable over the years,

All this with responsibility!


So do not forget to celebrate, have fun and smile for the camera!

How It Works ? - The process in a nutshell

A member or two ( the event) will arrive about half an hour before the start of your event,

In order to organize everything needed to produce your magnets.

A photographer will be ready from the first guest so as not to miss anyone!

The photographer  will walk around the entire event between your guests,

With special emphasis on all guests and will make sure to document those sitting as well

And the dancers with a high-quality full-frame camera.


We will transfer the photos taken after editing, arranging and adjusting each and every photo to the frame that we designed for you in advance.

And after a few minutes each image will become a quality magnet that comes straight from a professional thermal printer that prints a fast, durable and sharp image.


We will present the magnets on a magnetic board / wooden clipboard which will be placed in the dance center.

What is left for you is to stay calm and deal with the things that really matter

Dance and have fun, we'll take care of the rest!

And as we already mentioned at the end of the event, we will pamper you with a USB memory card that includes all the event photos in full size, without the magnet frame - and edited one by one.

(* The images come in the highest quality that comes out of the camera - without shrinkage, which reduces the quality and of course are ready for printing).


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