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Wood Prints

Wooden block - what dimensions do you have?

When choosing to combine photos on a wooden block for events, note that there are several sizes:

10X10 cm, 4X4 inch .(Small squares)

10X15 cm, 4X6 inch .(Full proportion of image)

15X20 cm. (Full proportion of image)

It is important to know that the image is not square but rectangular, so when choosing a wooden block measuring 10x10 cm - this means that you need to cut the image to the right and left to fit the wooden cube

Picture on wood - what is the thickness of the block?

The thickness of the block is about 2.5-3 cm, 1-1.5 inch

To be honest, what matters is not only the thickness of the block but also the quality of the wood itself.

We provide pictures on wood of the highest quality.

Picture on wood with a caption on the picture - is it possible?

of course.

At private events you can add a designed caption on top of the image such as frame or stickers, at company events you can of course also add the company logo and more.

With us you can get a graphic design service of the image and logo / caption at no extra cost as part of the service.


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