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Magnets for any event!!

Professional photography in a natural and spontaneous style

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Hello and welcome our website- professional

photography and magnets for events. 

We provide magnets photography services for all types of events!!


And beyond the magnet photography - I am a professional stills photographer who photographs all types of events - private and business, so I will tell you in advance that if you need you can get both a magnet photography service and a professional photography service combined with magnets

+ Our Services


Real photos from your event on a wooden block.

A stunning gift for guests at your event.

Travel Polaroids

Real Polaroid pictures!

Take photos with a special Polaroid camera that takes your photos on the spot


How is it work?


This is how the magnet photographer for the event will be going

1. First, choose a beautiful frame that suits you from the large selection we have on the site and also a caption on the frame that will suit you with a warm dedication to the guests.


2. The photographer will arrive about half an hour before the event to settle in.


He will then start  first with the close family and event owners and then photograph the guests.

3. You will receive stunning and beautiful magnets from us during the event

4. the pictures will be on a beautiful and large magnetic board near the dance floor/center of the event so guests could take their pictures.


There is no doubt that they will be enthusiastic and will want to take more pictures with you, so we will actually make sure to upgrade your joy at the event.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 9.59.32 PM.png

The gifts you will receive from us when ordering a magnet photographer service:

-A disc that contains all the photos taken during the event.

-Four magnifications to a half-page size of a4.

-Photos that will be worth putting them in albums.


Leave details and we will get back to you soon

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